Friday, June 21, 2013

Dirty Politics from the Dems Does the Party No Good

Legendary political dirty trickster Donald Segretti of Nixon Administration.
According to this piece from Investors Weekly, California Democrats are using the nation's health care bill--the one that Republicans already hate--to recruit people to the party. The story has a strong ring of truth to it and, dammit, if it is true then the Dems are doing nobody any favors, especially those who correctly think the Republicans are the party of crooks.

People who already believe both parties are crooks will see that theory grow with this latest outrage. If it's true, then Dems will no longer be able to bitch about gerrymandering and stacking the courts with right-wing nutcases because "both parties do it." If both parties are crooked, then the alternative is ... well, what is it?

I'm not a Democrat, but I lean more toward the left side of the aisle than the right and this little game of one-upmanship really pisses me off. It comes on top of a number of other recent Democratic outrages, mostly having to do with privacy, war crimes and Monsanto, at a time when the Dems should be poised to simply flatten the crazies of the Republican Party, where even old-timers have had enough.

If you're pissed, say so. I don't know if it'll do any good because nothing seems to impact politics except large sums of money, but it feels good to get it out in the open.


  1. From Mike Miller via Facebook:

    I don't believe this is as nefarious as you seem to think. Those who will most benefit from the insurance requirement are already voting Dem if they vote at all, which is questionable. Signing them up in the party doesn't really mean anything. The use of such organizations to get people into the program is legitimate, even if they are organized as activists - who else has the reach into the lower income regions where the program is targeted to begin with? Certainly not conservative groups. In short, targeting lower income people for this benefit is exactly what was intended, and which you no doubt support, right? The NAACP already has reach into many of the regions where the people need to be signed up. Why would such organizations not be used for this purpose? I suppose we could set up a totally new infrastructure to do the same thing, but that would cost even more and be less effective. There is no such thing as a permanent majority. Politics is a chess game played with dice. People have integrity (or lack it) but politics is just an activity.

  2. From Roni Sutton via Facebook:

    Dan, I agree with Mike and further, you have to consider the source. Even though the grants were given to organizations which are typically progressive, such as the AFLCIO and the NAACP, those organizations are not necessarily Democrat - they typically vote that way and endorse Democratic candidates, yes, but they are not a part of the Democratic party. This article feels like every other attempt of the far right wing to take some small controversy and blow it completely out of proportion. There are a lot of 'if this is true's and 'it could be's in the article. I take it with a grain of salt.

  3. From Melvin Nevergold via Facebook:

    To find the moral high road one must first find a moral.

  4. From Beverly Schlegel via Facebook:

    I hate politics and I'd rather have any working person as a guest in my home than a congressional politician. I have lost faith in their ability to actually govern with the best interests of the country in mind. I don't eve believe they WANT to serve their country. All they care about is their party and their own personal power within that party. These pontificating-pretend-patriots got their jobs and their paychecks and their perks and to hell with rest of us. I used to feel sorry for the Russian old people because it seemed like their pols just want them to work until they can't work any more, then drop dead. We are headed in that direction now. Yet we continue to send more arms and money and soldiers to other countries -- while ignoring all the terrible needs here. Makes me sick.

  5. From Rod Belcher via Facebook:

    I'd say we've been there for a long time, Dan. I don't trust any of of those s.o.b.'s regardless of what letter in beside their name. All they care about is gaining power and wealth- they don't care about anyone, regardless of the pap they spew, they only want fools to vote for them and keep their gravy trains running. To hell with all of them. Oh! where did that soapbox come from???

  6. From Linda Pharis via Facebook:

    consider the source