Saturday, June 8, 2013

Are Obama and Bush the Same Person?

I don't like saying "Bush" and "Obama" in the same sentence when it's not critical of the former, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. Obama is, in many ways, becoming Bush and that is a tragedy for those of us who have wholeheartedly supported what we believed to be a moderate and reasonable voice of reform of a government gone haywire.

In recent months, however, a string of Bush-like decisions--especially anything having to do with big business and "national security"--have reminded us of the man we don't miss. Obama is far smoother and far more believable than the bumbling Texas-Connecticut brush cutter, but that doesn't address policies that are undercutting our individual freedoms.

All of the snooping and spying on our own citizens is unconscionable, even if the administration is claiming that it is saving lives. I'm not sure that's true, but what are the lives worth if they've lost their freedom to move without a spy cam or a government oversight committee reading their e-mails?

The Atlantic has a good piece on this and I urge you to read it here.

Obama's on thin ice with me and a lot of people like me. The problem is that I don't see an alternative (certainly nobody in the Republican Party, who privately celebrate all this snooping). We may be stuck here.


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