Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Day, Another McDonnell Administration Scandal

Maureen McDonnell: Ex-Redskins cheerleader, coal expert (where's the hat?)
The corruption in the McDonnell-Cuccinelli Administration in Virginia doesn't seem to have a bottom. Already, the governor's wife has been accused of stealing food and now this (from the Washington Post):

"Maureen McDonnell, the wife of Virginia’s governor, was paid $36,000 last year to attend a handful of meetings as a consultant to the philanthropic arm of one of the state’s major coal companies, a top coal company official said.

" ... Elected officials in Virginia are legally required to disclose any employer that pays their spouses at least $10,000 annually. Separately, they also are required to disclose whether they or their spouses are paid directors or officers of any company. ...

" ... For a few days of work, Maureen McDonnell picked up a salary nearly equivalent to the average starting pay of a Virginia teacher. As governor, Robert McDonnell is paid $175,000 a year."

The big questions here are: what expertise would Maureen McDonnell have that would qualify her for this position and did she get to wear a coal miner's hat to the meetings?


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