Friday, April 26, 2013

Quote: Is the Repub Party Really Worse than Bush?

George Bush: What, me worry?
"It is also true that Bush’s party unfortunately decided, after his presidency, that he failed primarily by being too moderate, too compassionate, and too bipartisan, and moved even further right since, making Bush look retrospectively sane. At the time, some of us simply took for granted Bush’s choices to avoid anti-Muslim bigotry and not propose enormous cuts to government programs for the sickest and most vulnerable Americans. By the standards of the present-day GOP, these decisions make Bush look fair-minded and even statesmanlike."

--Jonathan Chait in a New Yorker piece (here) detailing just how awful a president he was, and how much worst the Republican Party is after his departure from the White House (think that's not possible, read on)

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