Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goodlatte's NRA Bribes Fifth Highest in House

Goodlatte: Who me? Sell my ... uh ... vote!
Bob Goodlatte, the 6th District Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives--the guy representing us--is one of five House members receiving the largest amount of bribes in cash from the NRA and his record shows why.

Goodlatte is the recipient of $56,250 (compare that to gun apologist Sen. John Cornyn of Texas who got a meager $1,600), as opposed to a high of $71,250 for Rep. Don Young of Alaska. I won't separately identify these guys' party because they're obviously all Republicans. The other three of the top five are Steve Chabot of Ohio, Pete Sessions of Texas and Lee Terry of Nebraska.

According to the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group, "In all, members of the [most recently elected] Congress have received $3.4 million in campaign contributions from the National Rifle Assocaition's political action committee over the years, according to data from Sunlight's Influence Explorer and the Center for Responsive Politics."

Goodlatte, says Sunlight, "easily won an 11th term this November [and] will become the next chairman of the Judiciary Committee, a key position that oversees constitutional rights -- and may see hearings about any new legislation proposed in the wake of the tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school. He also currently sits on the panel's crime subcommittee. He has a conservative voting record -- more conservative than 83 percent of House members, according to the National Journal -- but also often reaches across the aisle to work with Democrats, especially on technology issues. But if he wants to keep his 'A' rating from the NRA, he may not be as willing to compromise on gun issues."

Looks like 83 percent is a good number for Goodlatte. Seems 83 percent of the NRA's bribes to congressional representatives since 1990 have gone to Republicans. The NRA knows where its bread is buttered for the group it represents: gun manufacturers, some of whom were once the suppliers of much of the world's war capability, especially among small countries. These are people of no conscience and no morality. The NRA "noted [Goodlatte's] cosponsorship of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and his co-sponsorship of the National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act" in endorsing him recently.

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  1. Goodlatte needs to be voted out of the not just congress but this state and city. You've only shown a tip of this iceberg of money indebted corp loving piece of work . Term limits...he was voted in on a term limit platform a long time ago.

    Dale Allen
    Roanoke City