Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Gov's Wife Pinching Groceries from Exec Beach House?

Bob, Maureen and some guy with wine (where'd he get the wine?).
So now it looks like we might have, Maureen McDonnell, the wife of our short governor, Bob McConnell, stealing eggs from the governor's beach house, according to this report.

Looks like we could have a whole lot of petty thefts by the gov's wife and kids, all of which add up to a hard-to-swallow binge of dishonesty that borders on shoplifting. My guess is the Republicans in Virginia will choose to call this much ado about nothing, and ignore it, while Dems will see it as the crime of the century (hey, the century is young).

It is likely neither, but it is something that needs our attention, if true, and the former executive chef for the gov seems to think it is. McDonnell has done far more wrong than have his family steal a few bucks worth of groceries, but this is yet another nail in his political coffin.

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