Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pampa and the Prime Pampette Have a Good Time

Maddie and me at WVTF recording an essay for broadcast later.
It was more than a leap of faith when Mads jumped the medium in Smith Park (our personal park; see below).
Want proof? Here's proof.
Maddie vamps for our mutual favorite photographer.
Our other favorite photographer, Maddie, shot this one.
More Mads, more vamp.
Maddie launches a rock into the Roanoke River.
Ran into Gordon Ewald (Ewald-Clark photo printing) on the trail and he shot this one.
What good is time with Pampa if we can't cook something (like cookies)?
Mads and I are in the middle of our 24-hour marathon of having a good time and here's some of what we've done so far.

In short, the day has included a walk in the park, making cookies, going over to WVTF and recording an essay for public radio, throwing rocks in the river, posting two blogs, laundry, buying and planting two grape vines and some petunias, changing the bed lenins, eating breakfast at K&W and now we're on to Round 2.

I'm getting tired. She's not.

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  1. Gorgeous girl, and lucky to be making so many happy memories with her Grandpa. Our Madeline is often called "Mabzie" or "Mabz"- I'm not really sure where that came from, but it stuck!