Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo(s) of the Day: Easter in the Woods

Hosts Bea and Paul Clements.
Gloria Swann (Leah's sis) watches the paella.
Easter Sunday, Leah and I went to lunch at the home of her son, Paul, and daughter-in-law, Bea, and their 1790s-era cabin in Campbell County and Bea "threw a table," as my brother, Sandy, would explain it.

Bea, a native of the Canary Islands (Spanish), made a lovely paella--using pasta, which I'd never had in what I always considered a rice dish. Tasty. Paul put up two ping-pong tables on the front porch of the lovely old cabin for the guests and they might as well have been oak and manufactured by the Amish.

Paul is an artist whose reputation is growing throughout the region and Bea, an agricultural engineer by education, is teaching yoga and making pottery, which she does quite well.

Lovely time.

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