Monday, April 1, 2013

Gov. McDonnell and Business as Usual?

McDonnell: Is he laughing at us?
The Washington Post had a news story and an editorial today that, in effect, shows Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as the recipient of money from "a close family friend" that has mud all over it.

Here's the lead of today's editorial:

"A Washington Post article about the creepy relationship between Gov. Robert McDonnell of Virginia and Jonnie R. Williams, Sr., the head of a company called Star Scientific, offers an unusually good look at how money can buy political influence.

"The Post offers this rather pithy summation: “a relationship that has included rides on Williams’s corporate jet, personal gifts to the first family and efforts by the governor and his wife to promote the company.”
But the most vivid — and juicy — example of this special bond is that Mr. Williams paid for the food at the Mr. McDonnell’s daughter’s wedding. $15,000 worth. Mr. McDonnell did not disclose the gift."

So what now? Do we just ignore it as business as usual and let the little bantam rooster in the governor's mansion skate blithely and crookedly along?


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