Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New FRONT Ad Execs Introduced at Tech Expo

FRONT Editor Dan Smith (left) and Publisher Tom Field with brand new advertising executives Judi Billups (left) and Kathy Bibb at their first function representing VBF.
Courtney Dobbs, a freshman 10,000 meter and cross country runner at Virginia Tech, worked the booth for Review Hounds of Blacksburg and created a social media booster for FRONT. She runs the ACC meet Thursday.
Lynda Foster talks as Sherita Simpson and Leslie Coty prepare their remarks.
Near full house for social media class.
Bart Wilner of Entre Computer Center with his lit-up lapel pin.
The Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce's Technology Expo today appeared to be smaller from the standpoint of the number of vendors showing, but the energy level was high and the crowd consistently large throughout.

The two featured classes drew big crowds and business was being conducted briskly from beginning to end. Above is a look at some of it.

The Expo was also notable for the FRONT's introduction of its two brand new advertising executives, Judi Billups and Kathy Bibb.

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