Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Blog and Some Yummy Food

Here's dinner. The fruit salad is in the bowl at the center. Good stuff.

My buddy Trina Mastran, the public works director of Buena Vista, came over tonight so we could set up a blog for her. Trina's one of the best natural writers I know (she's an engineer, but she overcomes it) and it has been a near crime that she didn't have a blog. She has one now. It's here.

Trina owns five houses that she bought for around $15,000 each and she either has or is in the process of fixing them up for rent. That's the focus of the blog and it's a marvelous niche, one that she'll excel at because she's funny as hell.

So, while she's here, I feed her. Well. Grilled chicken breasts, kale with garlic and olive oil (and white balsamic vinegar), long grain and wild rice with a variety of spices and veggies and the capper, a fruit salad. The salad started with fresh mango and pineapple, was covered with lime yogurt and garnished with sliced lime and chopped cilantro. It was summer heaven. Yummmmmmm.

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