Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Look at Earth Day in Roanoke

My best buddy, Christine Ward, and me at her booth.
Christine's socks match her wheel.
Cara and Justin Hubbard of Healthy Stuff. Didn't look healthy. Was.
Bobby Booth paints Timber Raines.
Cool Cities' Mark McClain and Diana Christopulos.
Guy parked in a vendor's spot. Didn't last long.
Susan Jennings (left), grandson Blake with Katie Wallace and Ken Cronin of Citizens for Clean and Green.
George Kegley mans his Land Trust booth.
Tiffani Reynolds made these baskets of newspaper and throw-aways.
Artist Polly Branch setting up.
Polly Branch with her Old Woman in a Shoe, environmentally friendly.

Earth Day in Raleigh Court, Roanoke, today began as a cool spring day and finished with a bang as a lovely early-summer festival. More than 75 vendors--the largest in the history of the event--and a huge crowd celebrated environmentalism for five hours and it was a lot of fun.

I was there with my long-time friend Christine Ward, who has an energy healing practice and a gambling wheel. The kids loved the wheel. Adults were asking questions about energy healing.

The bottom two photos in this sequence feature Roanoke artist Polly Branch with what I thought was the most interesting display at Earth Day, her environmentally friendly Old Mother Hubbard's shoe, made of the same kind of plaster they used to put on your broken leg. Polly had a ball with it.

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