Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At Salem Municipal It's Beauty Before Ball

Salem Municipal Ballfield as the sun set tonight.
Spectacular view again.
The sky was beautiful even before dusk.
The wind was howling, as flags prove.
Broadcaster Evan Lepler in his "office" with a view.
Finally: Recyclable containers.
I went out to my first baseball game of the season tonight and there is little wonder many of us can't resist this park, even when we are lukewarm about baseball. It is simply a stunning setting and with baseball, unlike other sports, you can actually engage in conversation with your companions as the game progresses.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat at a game, looked at the scoreboard and seen that it was 6-5 and said, "I haven't seen a single run scored" and I didn't care. It's not about the baseball for me.

One of the reasons I showed up tonight was to do a photo of Evan Lepler, the young Salem Red Sox radio broadcaster. Above you see him in his office, one we all have to envy.

You will also notice, when you finally get out to the park, that, after years of asking for them, the Salem Memorial Ballpark has recyclable cans for bottled drinks. Yay, Salem.

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