Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are Independent Voters Really This Stupid?

Independent voters are almost always more interesting in theory than in practice and almost always far less thoughtful than their press would have us believe.

A poll conducted of 1,000 potential voters in April by Stan Greenberg's and James Carville's Democracy Corps asked a number of the usual questions, then used each party’s talking points about the current budget debate to get to the heart of the matter.

An April 26 story in The New Republic reports that the "results are mildly hilarious. By a margin of over 20 points, voters agree with these GOP lines: 'Both Democrats and Republicans have run up deficits, but now they are out of control under President Obama and threatening our economy'; Paul Ryan’s plan 'changes the reckless path of over-spending and borrowing'; and, “'Over-regulation and high taxes punish companies for success.'

"At the same time, by slightly higher percentages, they also agree with the Democrats that Ryan’s budget would 'eliminate guaranteed Medicare and Medicaid coverage'; 'force seniors to negotiate with private insurance companies, which are free to raise rates and deny coverage'; and 'decrease taxes for CEOs and big corporations, giving millionaires another huge tax break.'"

When nice, well-intentioned people give us George Bush or somebody else from the same hole in the political ground, they cease to be nice people who are well-intentioned and become a threat to the Republic.

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