Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do Plus-Size Models Equal Fat Consumers?

Glamour Magazine's 'Plus-Size' calendar. I'm not seeing a lot of fat here.
Here's a thoroughly interesting conclusion from a couple of people who seem to know what they're talking about: heavyweight models help create heavyweight consumers.

The logic from Drs. David Dragone and Lucca Savorelli, scientists at the University of Bologna, Italy, is on pretty solid footing, since the traditional argument has been that skinny models create skinny consumers. The paper is vague and claims only that heavy models are one factor in creating fat consumers.

You can wade through it here if you have some time to kill. Dull stuff.

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  1. Although you might not be seeing a lot of fat there, those are all certainly plus-sized models. Both by fashion standards and -- I'm reasonably sure -- the standard BMI index. When we think of "fat," we tend to picture the morbidly obese, but all of our current metrics would place these women in the dangerously overweight category. There's something deeply wrong about how we define "fat."