Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cinnamon for Diabetes? It's Worth a Try

Those of us with Type II Diabetes are open to suggestion if that suggestion will keep us away from medicines a little while longer. I've been treating mine for more than two years with a regimen of diet and exercise and my blood sugar numbers have remained relatively steady in a healthy range throughout that period.

Occasionally, I hear of something additional I can do and today's suggestion is to ingest about half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day. It comes from Dr. Joseph Mercola, a health columnist at Huffington Post, and it makes as much sense as any of the other natural remedies--which I prefer. Here's the link.

Mercola insists cinnamon helps reduce blood glucose, reduces triglycerides (bad cholesterol) and total cholesterol levels. The aid with diabetes control is impressive, but that's not all. Cinnamon has broader health benefits, says Mercola.

It supports healthy digestion and relieves congestion; it relieves muscle pain and stiffness, as well as reducing inflammation and arthritis symptoms. It also helps with a troublesome urinary tract, tooth decay, gum disease, menstral problems and it stimulates circulation. Sounds like it should be called Dr. Miracle's Balm for What Ails You.

Garlic and vinegar have similar impressive health credentials, but this is the first I've heard of the benefits of cinnamon. The good doctor didn't mention the extra benefit of smelling good. Think I'll go have a dose.

While he is at it, Mercola takes on grains--even whole grains--in a diabetic's diet. He says stay away from them. I've heard nothing but positives about whole grains until now, so my jury is still out. He does make the point that broccoli, a Mediterranean diet, black and navy beans, green tea, almonds and cacao are beneficial. By the way, you can get cinnamon in pill form if you don't want to eat the powder. Try Puritan's Pride. It's pretty inexpensive: 500, 500mg tablets for $9.98.

There's just so much to know. Right now, though, my numbers are good, so I'm not looking at doing anything rash--like dropping my beloved whole grain bread and pasta. I love that stuff.

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  1. I heard about cinnamon a few years ago, and sprinkle it on food when I remember. It's also pretty good sprinkled in coffee.

    I've found what he says about grains to be true. Bread—even whole grain—shoots my blood sugar up like crazy and gives me leg cramps.