Saturday, June 6, 2009

OK, This Time the Seat Fits ... I Hope

Out with the old (looking pitiful at the curb; don't you just want to go hug it?) and in with the new and hopeful (above)^

It was something more than 30 years ago when I lost my chair and I'm not sure I'll ever replace it. This girlfriend of mine was preparing to move in with me and she made this announcement: "the chair goes or I stay." Given the raging hormones of the moment, the chair went and the girlfriend moved in--for a few weeks. As it turned out, I lost them both with very little ceremony. I miss one of them dreadfully and have for all those three decades.

Today, after grumbling incessantly about the sofa Christina (generously and thoughtfully) bought me a couple of years ago, I finally got the courage to take it to the front curb, attach a sign to it ("FREE to good home--or bad home--but FREE!") and set about finding a replacement. I found that at Tanglewood Mall at a little shop that sells furniture (but doesn't even consider how the purchaser might get the purchase home). There, I found a sofa and love seat combo, both of which seemed to fit my aging, sagging, too-soft body and I got excited, rushed to get Christina's approval, called my friend Kurt Navratil and--in the course of what seemed like minutes--had a new sitting spot all set up.

Now, will it work? Who knows. But the butt in search of a restful seat for reading (with a nice Edith Piaf CD on in the background) and watching old movies (Bette Davis' "Letters" right now) has renewed hope.

(Update: Some lovely soul adopted the old sofa overnight while I slept.)

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