Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, Hell, There Goes Civilization

"Blackberries have become cartoon thought bubbles" is the way the New York Times describes the phenomenon in a story this a.m.

And there's this discouraging observation: "The phone use has become routine in the corporate and political worlds--and grating to many. A third of more than 5,300 workers polled in May by Yahoo HotJobs, a career research and job listings Web site, said they frequently checked e-mail in meetings. Nearly 20 percent said they had been castigated for poor manners regarding wireless devices." Despite resistance, the etiquette debate seems to be tilting in the favor of smartphone use ..."


  1. Is this a good time to tell you I think you should get your own Twitter account? @danielesmith is available.

  2. The first thing you'll need is another email address than the one associated with your @vbFRONT account. I sent you a Gmail invitation in case you'd like to set up a Gmail account. (Gmail is great.)

    Simply log out of Twitter as @vbFRONT and sign up for Twitter as @DanielESmith. Use the new email account. You'll have to log in and log out of Twitter to use either account, unless we install a program such as Seismic which allows you to manage two accounts at once. (I'm not using Seismic yet. It's confusing to me.)