Thursday, June 18, 2009

Griffith's Opponent: Nice Try, Ma'am

I just read the brief profile of Ginnie Weisz (right), the woman running against Salem Del. Morgan Griffith, the majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates and, as I assumed from the start, she has no chance to win. None. Nada. Book on it.

Nice. Intelligent. Accomplished. Impressive woman from what I read. And no chance. It'll be 70-30 percent. So sad. Nice guys finish last. Or second to people who are utterly incompetent, in this case.

But, hey, the picture is an improvement over the one on her Web site.

The profile is here.


  1. Believe it or not (and I'm sure you won't) I truly believe that healthy dialogue between good candidates is a must for our system. Sadly, if yesterday's event is an indication of what's to come, this election won't do much to improve the system.

  2. Oh, I have no doubt you believe what you say and I share your enthusiasm for the dialogue. I suspect Mr. Griffith does not, however. He could only lose with honesty. And, honestly, I don't think his opponent will present much of a challenge on any level, save the alter of good sense.