Monday, June 15, 2009

Greenway To Connect in Front of Roanoke Memorial Hospital By October

The greenway will extend from this bridge (white pavement, ending abruptly here) and go beneath the pedestrian bridge in the background, just below the parking garage.

My wife, who is with the city's public information department, sent me this (and man am I happy about it!):

"Construction is expected to begin on the missing section of the Roanoke River Greenway during the weekend of July 4th, with a targeted completion date of Oct. 2009. This approximate 600-foot section will connect to the existing lower trail bridge (which stops abruptly in front of Roanoke Memorial Hospital now), cross under Carlion's pedestrian walkway, and run alongside Hamilton Terrace until it connects back into the existing trail near the former Piedmont Street location."

I'd wondered how that was going to be done and now we know. At this point, a rider or walker has to exit the greenway at one of its most dangerous intersections directly in front of the hospital where the traffic count is high. This will make for a much more leisurely ride.

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