Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Pal Picks Up the Gauntlet

Business Journal's Elizabeth Parsons addresses the panel at NCTC this a.m.^

My colleague, pal* and nemesis Elizabeth Parsons was in fine form this morning, introducing a good show at the NewVa Corridor Technology Council Technology & Toast breakfast in Blacksburg. You can read about the discussion--a good one centering on public relations and advertising--at moreFRONT.

I was tickled to see Elizabeth. It was the first time I've seen her since she referred to one of her colleagues (whom she didn't name, but I deduced to be moi) in a column as "unethical" and "bitter," a guy who didn't hesitate to criticize others because he's so devoid of ideas. Except for the bitter part, I guess that would be me, though I think a better word than "unethical" would be "combative," words I see people getting confused upon occasion, especially when the barbs are pointed in their direction. It's so much easier to attack the messenger than the message. I do it on occasion when I'm not certain how to respond or when my opponent has a good point that I don't want to admit.

I have criticized Elizabeth's publication--the Blue Ridge Business Journal, which I helped launch and build over 20 years and which she edits now--because I believe the people in charge of it have tossed it into the toilet, diminishing some fine work over many years. I think Elizabeth has done some good things as editor (she's smart and resourceful), but I think that she's facing a pretty steep mountain with no hiking boots.

In any case, I was tickled to see her swing back. A brisk competition is good for everybody and when it has an edge, it's even better. Good for you Elizabeth.

(* Elizabeth may argue about the "pal" part, but I like her and our competition won't make me like her any less. In fact, the more fiercely she fights, the more I'll respect her.)

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  1. Quotes, please? What did she say? What did you say? Darn, I should have been there.