Wednesday, June 10, 2009

April Drummond's Newest Play Packs the House

Here's April Drummond with her favorite blogger (right) and a scene from today's play (that's her daughter at the right)^

OK, I'll go ahead and say it: April Drummond will win a Pulitzer Prize for one of her plays in the next 10 years. There. Done.

Christina and I (and a packed house) just saw a production of April's short play, "The Way To a Man's Heart," at Studio Roanoke--the lunchtime free play that replaced Mill Mountain Theatre's Centerpieces--and it was simply splendid, full of street truth, precise comic timing and a hoot-inducing twist at the end. This was pure April with that innate voice of hers splashing through and onto the stage. She is a natural and Hollins (where she is a junior--as a 40-year-old with seven children) is making her a polished natural.

Kenley Smith's Studio Roanoke is quickly filling the void left by MMT and the infrequency of plays at other venues in Roanoke. The fact that a full house showed up at lunch today demonstrates that there is a hungry audience out there. Find a schedule--which I couldn't do online--and go to a play here. It's a real adventure (and Kenley finally got rid of those folding chairs and has some comfortable seats).

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