Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HARK! What Spyeth I in the Trash Can? Could It Be ...

Could that possibly be a freshly-printed, newly-arrived, totally-unread copy of the Blue Ridge Business Journal resting comfortably--as if it had found a home--in the trash can beside the desk of a prominent Roanoke physician? Closer examination reveals the shocking truth. More at 11 p.m.

(Later-like say 11 p.m.: Let us further note that the doctor's office closely resembled a landfill with its clutter and just about the only thing I could find that she'd thrown away in quite some time was said Journal.)


  1. Did you ask her why she didn't recycle?

  2. Peter: Whooooooo, meeeeeeeee?!? SARCASTIC?!? My goodness. Never.

    Chad: I didn't ask because it actually looked like throwing things away was a rare exception to whatever rules she has.