Friday, June 12, 2009

Deeds Shoots Out To Six-Point Lead (Surprise?!? That Would Be a No)

That's Creigh Deeds celebrating his "upset," which was no upset>

Throughout the primary season, the constant drumbeat from the Democrats was that this or that candidate was the only one who stood a chance against Republican Bob McDonald. I can't tell you how many times that line of reasoning forced me--absolutely no choice--into saying, "Bullshit! How's a short version of George Bush going to beat even an orangutan if the Dems choose to go with that candidate?"

The Repubs are in complete disarray, devoid of any ideas save the same crap we've heard for the past 20 years and this McDonald fellow fairly screams: "MORE OF THE SAME; LONG LIVE THE BUSH LEGACY!"

Now comes this (OK, it's from the Dems' campaign boys, but it's as good as anything floating around out there and we'll filter out the rhetoric):

"After touting Bob McDonnell as their best hope for a Virginia victory and stocking his coffers with cash, Republicans are now scrambling to catch up with our new Democratic candidate ... It's only been three days since Sen. Creigh Deeds won the [Democratic] primary, and the early numbers are promising, with Rasmussen's poll yesterday giving him a six-point lead over McDonnell."

Told you so. Don't underestimate Deeds. He's formidable and even his opponents like him.

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