Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Photos: The Faces of St. Maddie's Day

My pal Robyn Schon has a brew along the route. Below are the faces from today's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Roanoke.
Lovely flutist.
Wish I had one of those dos.
The two-hat configuration.
What's Ireland without a fiddle?
Baby girl.
Pampa selfie with Scottish band.
She just looks right.
And so does she.
This bog ol' boy's just pleased with all of it.
Great smock.
Viking boy.
This kid has a real sweetness about her. The lips speak for themselves.
Beauty for its own sake is good enough for me.
Is this a great-looking kid, or what?
He comes out at night as ...
Mother and child reunion.
Pop and the boy.
I have no words for this.
And her favorite color is ...
Blow ye winds, blow ...
That's Irish red, sir ...
Boy could use a bit of color.
Young misses.
All the Miss Roanoke Valleys for this year.
I love redheads. Period.
B.T. Fitzpatrick, bus boy.
An Hispanic Cultural Society.
Boy's wearing my family crest.
That's all, folks. That's probably enough, folks.

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