Friday, March 7, 2014

Another Rematch: Thank You, Facebook

Sometimes there's a lot to complain about Facebook. Today, there's some to celebrate. I just had lunch with my friend Lynn Meyer, shown here demonstrating her exquisite taste in literature, whom I have not seen in years. No reason not to have seen her. We are both living basically the same lives we were before the gap came.

I saw a response from Lynn on Facebook late last week and dropped her a line asking her to lunch. That easy.

Lynn lives a full and interesting life with her husband Julian Meyer, a Roanoke physician. They both fish all over the world and she enjoys shooting a great deal. I like hearing about her adventures, and they are numerous.

I really dislike that we so frequently lose touch with people we value, but it happens. Facebook puts us back on the same electronic impulse and it's up to us to move that to the same room. Happens a lot, I think.

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