Saturday, March 29, 2014

'Budapest Hotel' Good But Not Great

If you're going to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel," go with lower expectations than I had and you'll fully enjoy it. I think I was expecting the Movie of the Year and it ain't that.

It's beautifully photographed. It's fun in a wacky 1930s way. The performances--especially Ralph Finnes'--are solid. The directing's above agerage and the writing's ... well, the writing's not at the level of the rest of the movie.

It's an enjoyable hour and 40 minutes and my guess is you'll like this dizzy romp through extravagant riches and extraordinary countryside.

I heard several people today call it "great" and I didn't see that movie. I saw "good" and I'm happy with it. Could have been a heck of a lot worse and lost all that acting talent (everybody who's anybody is in it, if even for a few seconds).


  1. I noticed a blogger mentioned last week that she and her husband were going to see it, but she hasn't commented on it since. Think I will put this one in my back pocket and watch it for free on Netfilix someday. Thanks for the review!

  2. OK, I've seen it three times now, with three different audiences, and I have to say you're the only person I'm aware of that wasn't thoroughly enchanted by the movie. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just offering an opposing view for anyone who has landed here looking for a review of the Grand Budapest hotel. Keep your expectations way up there, people, and prepare yourselves for an eyeball smorgasbord!