Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recipe of the Day: A Topping for Salad to Salmon

This is the carmalized onion vinegarette with oil and balsamic vinegar.
Start here: about 45 minutes on low-ish heat.
Blend the onions with olive oil and balsamic.
Looks like this when it's ready.
I'm replicating--or trying to--a recipe for salad dressing I ate last night at Rockfish over in Grandin Village. It was simply wonderful and looked easy to do. It is.

I cooked two small onions on low-ish heat for about 45 minutes until they were ready for blending with about a quarter cup of olive oil and two tablespoons (more if you want) of balsamic vinegar. I used the white cranberry-pear balsamic that my pal Janeson Keeley bought me at Oliveto, but you don't need to spend your inheritance for this dish (which Oliveto requires).  Blend it and it's done.

I put it on my salad, my salmon and the tasty risotto/vegetable dish that came with it all last night. Covered everything and asked for more. This stuff is so good, I want to cry. Think I'll use it on a burger for lunch. You dare me?

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