Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photo of the Day, Too: Shooting the Photographer

Anne Sampson at her best (except when she's dancing).
Here's all of Anne. There's not much.
Photographing her fave editr.
Focusing in on the Marginal Arts talent.
Shooting from the wrong side.
Shooting the mayor and his chicken.
Waiting for the parade to pass her by.
Shooting, uh, rolling shoes. Sometimes ...
Anne loves getting right up in your face.
This is my good pal Anne Sampson taking photos--hundreds of them--at today's Marginal Arts Festival kickoff parade in downtown Roanoke. This is the loonybin of all Roanoke parades and one of the most fun. Anne captures that, I think. She's one of my favorite photogs.

Anne shot me shooting her shooting me shooting her shoo ...

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  1. Love these pictures of Anne Sampson, great job taking the pictures too! :)