Friday, January 6, 2012

Writers Conference: 'A Place To Nurture My Writing Soul'

Roland and me the night he won a Perry F. Kendig Literary Award
Roanoke Regional Writers Conference keynote speaker Roland Lazenby just posted the following about his experience with confernence (both as a student and a teacher). Registration is going briskly and we expect a sellout. Better get signed up, boys and girls (here).

Here's what Roland said:

"Santa Claus is gone, but the Roanoke Regional Writers' Conference is once again coming to town. Better sign up today because most of the openings are just about gone. For the last few years, I've not only taught at the conference. I've been a serious student too. I've found it to be a place to nurture my writing soul.

"Yes, I'm the keynote speaker for the event, but that's not why I'm promoting it. No, I'm not promoting it because I'm getting paid. I'm not. I donate my appearance money to the conference's scholarship fund each year.

"Mainly, I'm promoting it because Roanoke is a great region for writers, and this is our celebration of that. Hope to see you there."

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