Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Griffith's (and My) Take on the State of the Union

Following is 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith's response to Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night (with a few parenthetical comments from moi):

“While President Obama talks a good game, three years of failed economic policies and government overreach say otherwise (the "failed" policies are well on the way to bailing out eight years of George Bush's economic disaster). The President has said repeatedly that we need to create more jobs and grow the economy (he has done that).

"However, just last week, he rejected the Keystone XL pipeline permit (an ecological disaster waiting to happen), which would have created thousands of immediate American jobs. In addition,burdensome regulations are tying the hands of small business owners (while protecting workers, assuring a liveable wage and establishing that owners can't do anything they damn well please, regardless of who's hurt by it). When it comes to jobs, his record does not match his rhetoric (he has re-created a lot of jobs from the Bush rubble).

"If President Obama is truly interested in creating an economy ‘built to last,’ he needs to support regulatory relief for job creators, invest in America’s abundant energy resources, and rein in government spending (best described as "bullshit," especially the preference for polluting energy sources over the creation of clean energy and its accompanying economic development).

“Since taking office, I have learned that President Obama’s version of compromise means moving only toward his position (you're kidding, right?). But that is not the way it is supposed to work. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress need to come to the center (the Repubs fell off the playing field on the right and can't move to the center), instead of creating more gridlock in Washington. Hardworking American taxpayers deserve nothing less.”

This guy is the very definition of the Republican lunatic fringe. I'm embarrassed that he represents a portion of Virginia.

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