Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Good Little Country Station With Rustic Tax Advice

I don't know how Classic Country, WBRF and WWWJ in Galax, popped up on my car radio today, but it was a welcome visitor. This is a station entirely too far away and in too small a place to be as clear as a local station, but there it was playing some pretty good music.

I like country music from quite a few years ago. Not so much because it was more pure or less extensively produced, but ... well, because I do. How the hell can you explain taste?

What caught me, though, and led to this post, wasn't so much the music as it was a tax professional who was giving advice to the locals employing a Southwestern Virginia accent that would make Andy Griffith (from nearby Mt. Airy) sound like a snotty New Yorker. This guy was rustic. And his advice was spot-on, intelligent and clear. I listened for the entire drive and loved every minute of it.

The station's official spot on the dial is 98, but I brought it in on 96.9 in Roanoke and set my selector dealie there.


  1. You can listen to WBRF on your computer. The live stream is here:

  2. The station has a translator (low power transmitter) on 96.9 on (I think) Bear Knob. That's the peak that's just behind the Glenvar schools complex. So we can listen with ease in most of the Valley.
    Great station!

  3. Peter: If you live in Roanoke, let's get together for lunch. Just e-mail me at