Friday, January 20, 2012

As the Marketing Machine Turns: TV Appearance

Host Natalie Faunce and me during the show.
Taubman's David Mickenburg (on TV) interviewed as others wait.
Chris Miller (right) waiting to go on.
Natalie Faunce with guitarist Chris Miller (who played my wedding).
The Roanoke Regional Writers Conference's marketing maven (that would be me) turned to television today, making a noon-hour appearance on Blue Ridge with my pal Natalie Faunce and her on-air pardner Mike Wilson.

Here's the video.

Funny who you run into in these dealies. Sharing the stage today were Chris Miller, who played guitar at my most recent wedding (the one to Christina at Hollins about 11 years ago) and David Mickenburg of the Taubman Museum of Art. David was promoting a photo exhibition by photographers of a local daily newspaper and Chris was talking up an upcoming appearance at the Jefferson Center.

We're still trying to fill up the seats at the Writers Conference next weekend and you can put your butt in one of those seats by going here. But don't wait to do it. We're nearly sold out.

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