Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey Writers! Here's a Contest You Can Love

The following comes from my buddy Gina Holmes, a writer of some note:

For the writers among you who have a manuscript that has been sitting around unattended and unpublished for a while now, here's an option: the Novel Rocket contest. It is a contest that can result in the publishing of your book at the top end and a lot of exposure (including some professional feeback) at the very least.

Take a look here at the rules and what you're playing for. Interesting proposition.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Dan. It's a great contest as our first winner was signed by the first literary agent we approached!

  2. Gina: Yes, ma'am, I have a book I may enter.

  3. sounds great! i will try it.

  4. Christine: My guess is that you're just exactly what this contest is looking for: a real talent that has been hidden for far too long. Good luck with it.