Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo of the Day: 'A Fun Lunch Date'

Ran into my buddy Sam Steidle this morning at the groundbreaking for the new Bridges complex on South Jefferson Street and we stopped for lunch at Norah's afterwards for a few words. Sam has one of the most active and inventive business minds I know and she's always using it for somebody's good.

She recently started teaching entrepreneurism at Virginia Western Community College and for the last couple of years, she's housed very small businesses in her Business Lounge in downtown Roanoke.
Sam's always full of exciting new ideas and is a sponge for anyone offering anything interesting. She's a fun lunch date.

(I neglected to get the name of the delightful young woman who took this picture, but she's a waitress at Norah's whose father was an avid photographer.)

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