Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blacklisted Foods: Here Are Some Surprises

EatLocalGrown (here), a website that keeps you up on what's hot and what's not in healthy foods, has a new blacklist of 12 corporations that you should avoid. The 12 are mostly big names (Pepsi and Coke, Heinz, Campbell's, Nestle, Kellogg's, General Mills, Monsanto, etc.), but it's the subsidiaries of these companies--which oppose GMO labeling in our foods--that will raise your eyebrows.

If you think you're buying healthy and wise when you're in the middle aisles of the grocery store, where these companies' foods are sold, then you'll need to re-consider. Here are some of the names on the blacklist:

Pepperidge Farms
V8 (what'll I do for gazpacho?)
Vitamin Water/ Dasani (bottled water, even when the water isn't considered, should be banned)
Minute Maid
Hebrew National (my heart aches on this one)
Orville Redenbacher Organic (say it ain't so, Orville)
Silk (drink milk, for god's sake)
Nature Valley and Fiber One
Weight Watchers (go organic, drop white foods, lose weight)
Celestial Seasonings
Earth's Best (these guys love liberal-sounding names)
Kashi (there's a picture of me in FRONT holding a huge box of Kashi, underscoring my liberal credentials; guess that was premature)
Nutrigrain ("nutrition," "grains," bullshit)
Triscuit (SHIT! I loveTriscuits)
Gerber (Gerber! for chrissakes. Are they killing babies? Where's the "pro-life" movement?)
Ben & Jerry's (is nothing sacred?)

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