Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cleaning the Smith Castle: A Simple Task for a Pro

My buddy Ashley Mullen, owner of Keep It Simple Cleaning Services, is busy in the other rooms cleaning my house (and yes, she does commodes; so do I). Ash was recommended to me by Dan Radmacher, a fellow journalist, who was as enthusiastic about her work as I have become.

I've known Ash casually for a while (we're members of a secret society together) and didn't even know she'd started this business until that bright, smiling face showed up to discuss my cleaning needs a couple of months ago. Ash has grown her business to three full-time workers and two additional part-timers, all the while keeping the tasks simple, a philosophy she has embraced in recent years.

She'll be through with cleaning my house in about an hour (she has one worker, Jen, with her teaming up) and it'll be spit-shined. I love her work and her attitude and if you're looking for somebody who does this work with enthusiasm, a large smile and the motor of an energizer bunny, give Ashley a call. She's at 540-312-7557 or you can find her on Facebook.


  1. Ashley cleans our house too. She does an excellent job.


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