Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the Day: 'The Ability To Do a Lot of Harm'

"So Republicans have suffered more than an election defeat, they’ve seen the collapse of a decades-long project. And with their grandiose goals now out of reach, they literally have no idea what they want — hence their inability to make specific demands. 

"It’s a dangerous situation. The G.O.P. is lost and rudderless, bitter and angry, but it still controls the House and, therefore, retains the ability to do a lot of harm, as it lashes out in the death throes of the conservative dream." 

--Paul Krugman, NYTimes (in a remarkable column0


  1. I would not write them off just yet. They have shown an amazing ability to tap into fear and uncertainty of under-educated people to preserve their power. The GOP was written off after the '64 Goldwater defeat and yet they clawed their way back with the help of changing geopolitical and geo-economic conditions. Like all movements whose goal is power alone, they thrive during times of major change, when the world view is reset.

  2. Michael: Agreed. They're tough, battle-tested, have the great resolve of the obsessed radical and they are ruthless. Absolutely ruthless.