Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Writers Luncheon, Another Success

From left, Sarah Beth, Mike, me, Randolph
Yesterday's Valley Business FRONT Annual Writers Luncheon at Hunting Hills Country Club was one of the better events in the 20-plus-year history of the lunch. We gave out our awards to Sarah Beth Jones, Randolph Walker, Mike Miller and Laura Purcell and wished we could given about 10 more to deserving writers.

This is a group that mixes experience (Alison Weaver, Sarah Beth, Randolph, Gene Marrano, Kathy Surace and the like) with an outstanding collection of newcomers (Rebekah Manley, Elizabeth Markham--both recent Hollins grads--and a few others) to give us both the solid leadership and the developing professional. That combination keeps the energy high and the competence at its usual level. We have been extremely fortunate over the years to attract some of the best writers in the area and to be able to keep them busy. We've developed a number of freelancers who've gone on to other work where they have excelled.

Working with the writers, I think, is what I enjoy most about this marvelous gig and if you'd been in that warm, fire-lit room at Hunting Hills yesterday, you'd understand exactly why.

Next is the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference where more than 25 writers will tell you how to do it. The RRWC has become one of the most popular writers conferences in the entire region and generally sells out--I fully expect that to happen again this year because the lineup is outstanding. If you want to join us, go here and register.

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