Monday, December 10, 2012

A Creative--and Giving--Christmas Gift in the Spirit of the Season

OK everybody, here's a Christmas gift that nobody will thank you for, that you won't see delivered, that you will know nothing further about after you've paid for it, that will make some old person in a
home happy for a while. 

Not much payback if you're into payback, but sometimes it's a good thing to do something because it's a good thing.

My friend Mary Miller is heading up this effort to save a small business by making Christmas a little happier for 1,000 older people--at $20 a head for world class Anthuriums, a lovely flowering plant worth twice that price. It's a wonderful deal. I just bought in and I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to do something truly loving and without strings. Here's hoping your Merry Christmas extends to someone you don't know.

My guess is that the birthday boy would approve. 

Here's the link to a video and payment method. You can skip the video if you want, but Mary's her charming self through the six minutes. The point is to save this business. It's one thing we can all pitch in on this Christmas. I'll get an update from Mary later when the business is prospering and the people of the nursing homes know genuine Christmas spirit.

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