Monday, December 3, 2012

... And the Coffee Will Be Percolating in the A.M.

I have had this almost overwhelming Jones for perked coffee--the kind made in an old-fashioned percolator--of late and thought, hell, I'll just buy a an electric pot. Not so fast my friend. And not so danged easy, either.

Saturday at Estate Specialists in Lynchburg (which, as its name implies, sells goods from estates), I bought a lightly used (and still in the box) Farberware 12-cup percolator for $10.50 and thought the issue was ended. When I plugged it in to make coffee today, it didn't work. That's a $60 retail pot, but it's a $0 worth pot if it doesn't work. So I set to searching.

Went to the usual big box retailers without success. Even Big Lots--where I know I've seen percolators in the past--didn't have one. I went to the Internet and found a couple at Target. The store here only had one of them, a Hamilton Beach 12-cup beauty that doesn't have the glass top. I love watching the coffee perk in the glass top, but I'll get over it. It cost $20 less than the Farberware and is a better pot (it works). Tomorrow morning, I get to hear it perk. Leah will be here and she'll get to hear it, too. I love the old days.

Oh. I didn't mention that I don't even like coffee. Just another of those addictive personality dealies.


  1. I love those pots! my mom had one until very recently, and i miss it! I didn't know you could get one...i might have to. I swear they still make the best coffee.

  2. Industrial design doesn't get much better than percolator architeture.