Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Brief: Here's the Breakdown

OK, here's 2012 in short:
Leah, Maddie and me at Christmas
  • No bowl for Tennessee (in either January or December).
  • Earliest sellout yet for Writers Conference (which was marvy again). 
  • Oz talks and walks and throws stuff all over the house. And bites.
  • Maddie grows more delightful by the day and grows up a mile with her swim team. 
  • Kayaked a lot in the spring and early summer. 
  • Met Leah at the end of May. Fell in love with her so fast that it seemed like minutes. 
  • FRONT continued to survive in an economy and a publishing atmosphere that are both toxic.
  • Got into a fight with the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce over its sponsorship of a new business publication in Roanoke.
  • Had a 'mater sammich night for my 66th birthday. Fun.
  • Wrote a lot about the malfunction state and federal governments and got into a lot of brisk discussions with right-wingers about our differing philosophies.
  • Supported Barack Obama for president and Tim Kaine for Senator from Virginia again. The Obama support came with reservations and I think they're being emphasized right now as he folds on the fiscal deal.
  • Organized another writers conference (scheduled Jan. 25-26 at Hollins) and this one may be the best of all. About 12 of the teachers have new books out. 
  • Got robbed in October. Replaced the stolen 42-inch TV with a 47-incher that has 3D. Started locking my doors.
  • Bought a new manchair. Good piece of furniture.
  • Replaced a knee that had been bad since I was 16  in August. It's still healing, but the promise is great. Four women took care of me around the clock during this and they were angels. Thank you again, Leah, Christine, Christina and Janeson.
  • Had a good Christmas, one re-structured to emphasize face time and not material goodies.

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  1. Don't forget Christine, Dan. Your care taking was definitely a four woman proposition. I'm happy to hear that your knee continues to improve. We'll look for those photos of you on MacAfee's Knob next October.