Thursday, December 20, 2012

Planning Commission Rejects Hotels on Huff Lane

Huff Lane School
The Roanoke City Planning Commission has given a thumping and unanimous "NO! Sir!" to a proposal from NDRA II to develop two hotels and a restaurant where Huff Lane School now sits empty, as it has been for some time. The vote came earleer today.

The hotels would have brought in a nice chunk of change in tax revenue for the city, but neighbors in the Huff Lane area (and I live about four blocks from the school, though I was not directly involved with the 'hood association) raised a ruckus. Roanoke City Council gets the final say, but the Planning Commission's voice usually carries some weight.

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  1. Yay! I sincerely hope the city will take NBC's proposal: my daughter has put in many hours playing on the that playground, along with many other children. That playground is really used alot and I would hate to see all the open space and lovely old pin oaks cut down. It's a travesty what was done with that school: they closed it under the justification the building was falling apart, but is that accurate and, if so, why the NBC proposal to use that same building? The parents in this part of the city need to wake up and start standing up for their children and all of us, whether we have children or not, need to fight the forces that favor short term monetary gain over the integrity of our neighborhoods.
    Now, what about that development of land near the Target cloverleaf?
    Thanks for covering this. I live off of Lyndhurst St. This is my 'hood.