Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yet Another Scoop for My Pal Val

Court Rosen (right) shows off his plan.>

My admiration for Valerie Garner of the Roanoke Free Press continues to grow. Today she posted this information about Councilman Court Rosen's plan for Huff Lane School and my guess is that it is far, far more complete and insightful than anything you will get from the area's other media.

Val lives in the city and cares about what goes on here. That does not exclude her from reporting fairly and incisively on the activities of government. She's not a trained journalist and her writing is a real challenge, but Val is professional, thorough and accurate--and I trust her. That is a tribute to her consistency and to the fact that she cares a great deal about what she's doing.

I live about three blocks from Huff Lane School and have real concerns about how it might be developed and now I have some good information on which to judge what the city is proposing (I like Court Rosen's plan, frankly; he's a thoughtful kid and we're lucky to have him on council).

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  1. Did you notice the RT said where they first learned of this? When I write something if part is learned from the RT I say "according to the RT" and link to it, etc.

    There must be a rule to not sound like you got info from a blog. This isn't the first time. Their access to my website sticks out like a sore thumb in my stats.