Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Local Group Wins Top Awards at VA Film Fest

Jenna Swann and Tom Landon (right).>

"A Gift for the Village” was recently selected as the Best Documentary and won the People's Choice Award in the same category at the VA Indie Fest (formerly known as the Virginia Independent Film Festival. The festival was held at the Byrd Theater in Richmond and offered a series of screenings for films in the categories of Documentaries, Short Films and Features.

The film chronicles seven friends who traveled from this region to a village in western Nepal to deliver a painting by artist, Jane Lillian Vance, a Virginia Tech professor, about Tsampa, a Tibetan amchi-lama-doctor and mind-healer.

Vance is the first woman and first westerner to be granted permission by the Dalai Lama to create such a piece. The film's premier was held at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke in September of 2010.

Jenna Swann is a fifth-grade school teacher at Prices Forks Elementary and Tom Landon is a filmmaker and owner the of Lucky Dog Productions, who is a certified Social Studies teacher for grades 6-12.


  1. Thanks for promoting their work.

  2. Would love to see it! A friend saw it at the Indie Fest and said it was incredible!

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    Thanks for the post, Dan!

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