Thursday, March 31, 2011

UVa Pitcher's Perfect Game: Where's the Coverage?

(UPDATE: OK, seems that the local daily actually did have a small piece on the perfect game Wednesday, buried in a collection called "In the region." These are briefs and the place where you put events like high school softball games. The brief piece with no photo was on Page 4 of a four-page section and the point remains the same: the coverage is severely lacking.)

The University of Virginia's baseball team is ranked No. 1 in the country; pitcher Will Roberts (right, being sandwiched with congratulation) pitched the first perfect game in the program's history Tuesday night; it was the 2,000th win in Cavalier baseball history; Virginia plays at Virginia Tech Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sounds like the stuff of a good sports page to me. But not here. I have not found any of that in the local daily's coverage and when I did a Web site page at the paper's home of "University of Virginia baseball perfect game" I got "Book reviews index page," "Dodgeball's a big hit in Blacksburg," "Bassmaster Classic details" and "Kevin Myatt's Weather Journal." Not much baseball in that.

If you want to read about Roberts' extraordinary success, it's here. But not here. I am told by those who get the paper and who have been calling each other with the information and e-mailing the Web story, that the local daily had nothing in its printed pages, either. I don't subscribe, so I'll have to trust their words on this.

Last week I lamented the lack of Web site coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament by the local daily and shortly before that, there was a missive about the disappearing movie listings.

It's going away slowly, fading out like the end of a long movie.

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