Saturday, March 12, 2011

More from the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Roanoke

Roanoke cops follow a cop car.^
More cops (than I'm comfortable with).^
Roanoke City Council's day off.^
Real Irish. Really real.^
Seats are where you find them.^
The famous WWII D-Day Invaders 28th Infantry.^
Irish batons.^
Irish baton footwear.^
Daddys' day out.^
"See that guy over there? He's on work release."
Something to lean on.^
Roanoke's own roller derby gals (and their kids).^
The Mad Hatter live and in person.^
The sane hatter.^
Just friends for now.^
Tax protesters with a gay tint.^
"No, I didn't dress myself. I have taste."
Nice ride, Rover.
Star of stars.^
The view from the Patrick Henry Hotel.^
Commercializing St. Patrick (with Ronald McDonald).^
Sen. Mark Warner and his new buddy.^
Mark Warner's new buddy's opinion of politics.^
This compilation is just random from the Roanoke St. Patrick's Day parade today. No more explanation needed or wanted, I'm certain.

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