Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Faces of St. Paddy's Day in Roanoke

What's a parade without batons?^
Drum major of the Scotish variety.^
Brooklyn Tinsley is 7 and distinctly Irish.^

Another Irish lass.^
Now THAT is marketing.^

Nice tat on the right eye, ma'am.^
My old pal Tom is Irish, too.^
My granddaughter Madeline gives directions to her pals.^
Pals Steph and Bruce got to be judges. That's Steph's natural color.^
Star of 'How Green Was My Valley.'^

Green goes with everybody.^
Some Irish are prettier than others.^

Dressed in the old style.^

Ann Trinkle and her daughter.^

I can see beer in this guy's future. Green beer.^
Mayor David Bowers loves attention.^
Lemme take this call, honey. I'll be right back.^

My old buddy Dick Raymond was with the 29th Infantry on D-Day.^

Like mama, like daughter.^

Purple feathers mean he's the boss.^

Can you see through those things?
Roanoke's St. Patrick's Day Parade was this morning and the faces were the main draw for me. The crowd was huge and the parade was, as usual, about half military, police or right-wing politics, none of which interest me, so I just look the other way and shoot pictures. Fun time.


  1. You're right, Dan. A Fair Tax float and 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group? Really?

    More pipers, please, and less politics.

  2. and The Dorothy's? Dan, where are the Dorothy's???

  3. Thanks for the pics, Dan. I didn't make it there, but now I got to see some of the best stuff!

  4. Agree w/ Jeremy. Parades are for fun & community, not politics. I wasn't able to make it this year, but I enjoyed looking at the pictures, Dan. Always great.

  5. Great photos, Dan. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are wonderful pictures. They really capture the celebration and enjoyment. Thank you for posting. Mitzi Hartwell

  7. Dan there were 95 entries in the parade and less than 10 were "military, Police or right-wing politics", not "about half" as you indicate. Perhaps the organizers should censure the speak and communication of those entries in the parade only to that an individual likes. Is that the solution?

  8. Larry:
    As I mentioned, I wasn't there for the entire parade and it was front-loaded with para-military organizations and right-wing politics. And, yes, this is a parade which celebrates the positive and the children and I don't think organizations that kill people or preach politics (regardless of political ideology) have a place in this kind of American home-grown entertainment. Politics already takes up far too much space in our lives and we're in wars constantly because we believe militarism to be noble. It is not.