Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Time for Those Exotic Warm Weather Foods at Happy's

Shopper picks over 99 cents a pound tomatoes.^
This is an Aisan "store."^
Strange fruit (and veggies).^
No idea what these are. Thorny cukes?^
Tonight's salad.^
Exotic languages and foods from these ladies.^
Mango city.^
If it's pretty, it's healthy. This is the health center.^
Hispanic breads and pastries kept in containers.^
These old boys entertained with Gospel tunes. Nicely done.^
Saturday was the first real spring day of the season at Happy's Flea Market in Roanoke Saturday and the food was as bright and cheerful as the people. While many people come for the bargains in flea market staples, Happy's has evolved into a marvelous fresh food market and some of the foods are from other shores.

The wide variety of Hispanic and Asian specialties require many of us to ask "what is this and how do I cook it." The vendors are happy to help. It's a marvelous, lively, entertaining place to spend an early Saturday morning.

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