Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where's the Hoops in Today's Local Daily Web Site?

The NCAA basketball tournament went too late for these old bones last night and I had to hit the hay in the middle of the second half during two close and competitive games, one featuring a Virginia team, VCU. So this a.m., I poured out of bed, made coffee and the bed, then sat at the computer to see who won.

Out of curiosity, I went to the Web site of the local daily first. No scores. Not one. No NCAA coverage at all. There were two NASCAR stories, a piece on Roanoke Catholic's center signing with Wake Forest (yay! basketball), a Virginia Tech wrestling story, a high school roundup and the "mailbag."

This is the newspaper that, under Bill Brill years ago, popularized the ACC and its basketball teams in this region and has always had exemplary coverage. Not today. Had to go to to find out that VCU beat the ACC's Florida State in overtime, Kentucky beat top-seeded Ohio State by two and that Richmond (that's in Virginia) lost to Kansas in a blowout and UNC (of the ACC) killed Marquette.

That's two Virginia teams, two ACC teams, two No. 1 seeds and, I would suspect, a lot of interest.

This one falls in there with movie listings, which have taken a beating in the local daily lately.

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